MANA, A Beautiful Startup Story

My favourite startup story is MANA. A few years ago, I received a phone call from Shafaq (ex. Art Director at Happa Studios), asking me to call Wasay for a website project. So I did, and was greeted by a very cheerful and enthusiastic voice at the other end of the telephone. A few weeks later, Wasay & Shababna (aka Mana) visited my office at Appsters. Shabana was the genius behind organic cosmetics and Wasay was the business mind. We had a great meeting, and I liked them a lot as people.

MANA is an all-natural organic skin and hair brand. Their bulk revenue used to come in the form of salon sales, where Shabana gave treatments to select customers. But as the product business grew through the website (, the business strategy shifted to focus only on the production of products and research to develop new ones.

Wasay got my attention with his tremendous attention-to-detail, passion for work, positive attitude, and a broad smile. The husband and wife duo were deeply in love with MANA, their brand. I was introduced to honest embodiment of an organic lifestyle, when I visited his home-office. A lawn of lush green grass and beautiful roses led to a sitting area, where I was served with a homemade lemonade. You see, I loved their business and was rooting for them to succeed. I was emotionally involved in this eCommerce website project. I also saw how they paid close attention to all other business aspects including branding, photography, packaging, operations, customer service, and marketing. Today MANA is a success because they worked with passion, hard work, and a lot of patience.

At Appsters, I have worked with over 30 different industries. In beauty and cosmetics category, Mana remains my favourite project. And Wasay remains a wonderful client and a dear friend.

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