What is your USP?

What is your unique selling point? I personally think that this is a litmus-test question. If the answer is vague and not to-the-point, then it means that the agency lacks in-depth knowledge about the services they were questioned on.

Knowing-it-all attitude is poison. An agency cannot be good at everything, however they can have an excellent network of vendors and partner agencies and offer tremendous value to clients with a collaborative effort. Being a Lahori, let’s get the food analogy into play. Walking into a Chinese restaurant, you should expect great or perhaps half-decent Chinese food. But should you expect the same chefs to make delicious pizza? A risk worth taking or perhaps better to just move on to an Italian restaurant?

At Appsters, we are a pure web development and design agency. Our USP is our over-cautious nature to indulge in expanding our range of expertise. So we keep on acquiring fresh up-to-date knowledge with clients ranging from fashion, appliances, nonprofit, and corporate. This insight working with different client is what makes us unique. We do not always act upon the wishes of our clients, we recommend and fight for our point-of-view. Our USP is having to go through the good and bad strategies in the past – and bringing all this knowledge on the table with new projects. This saves time, energy, and money of our clients.

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