Why we do, What we do!

Naivety is a good thing. Appsters was bootstrapped as an act of desperation. Workplaces seemed rigid and the system, unaccommodating. No client prospects, no team, and no capital. Wonderful! nothing to lose.

One of my friends questioned me in the summer of 2014: “Are you the best?”. I replied without hesitation: “No”. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it. Carry on the struggle for continuous improvement. But in all honesty, we were average or a nudge above average when we started off. We definitely lacked finesse. Primarily because we were a young team. We strategized to take challenging projects. Sure, we were not paid enough so we were not making a profit. But we were building a solid portfolio. Above all, we were training ourselves. We were building a team. This entire strategy was developed after a brief phone call. The words of wisdom on the other side of the phone told me: “your team is the only asset”.

Our business model shaped itself. We are a tech studio, working on a vendor relationship with multiple agencies. We work day-in, day-out to improve our culture. Our culture is based on mutual respect, innovation, and teamwork. We are stalling our love to develop our own products. But rightly enough in this situation – no money, no risk. The year ahead seems to be the one where we will save capital to unleash our risk taking capability.

The people at the studio understand that we have limited time. Better spend it in the pursuit of doing the extraordinary. Problems will come. But hey, naivety is a good thing.

* friend with the challenging question was Mr. Bilal Khan

* and the words of wisdom came from Mr. Omer Jilani

About Omar Farooq

A telecommunications engineer by degree from FAST, Lahore. With a combined experience of just over 4 years in the industry in primarily marketing agencies and a design house. Omar walked away from the safety of a job in Jan, 2012 – for the first time. Ever since then Omar has failed 3 startups, while working jobs in between to make ends meet. A nonbeliever in education of the classroom. Omar’s primary passion lies in product design and user interface. Omar has worked with companies like Lamborghini, Nestle, Pepsi, Samsung, Telenor, Unilever, and Dell (via various agencies).

At Appsters, we take client servicing to be an opportunity to learn about different businesses and models. Having said that I love to create new things. A couple of products are in the oven and set to be launched by late-2015.

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