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Research & Strategy

We analyse the product requirements in detail and identify potential functionality loopholes. We are good at visualising the entire product in our minds without designing a single-pixel or writing any code. This early-stage analysis is necessary to protect your investment.

Functionality Document

We document the product architecture in this phase. We break-down the product-requirements into modules and explain the functionality in detail. This document also serves as a contract between us.


Wireframes are simple layouts that specify the placement of page elements, product features, and navigation. Wireframes are the foundation of your product. And we can finally share what we visualised in the ‘Research & Strategy’ phase.

UI/UX Design

In the competitive world of startups, UI/UX design is crucial to grab the user’s attention. A good user experience helps increase the number of signups, which determines your success in getting funding for your product.


Prototypes help us show stakeholders how the final product would look and function. The goal of a prototype is to test the flow of a design solution and gather feedback before constructing the final product.

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