Our Partners

We looked at each other’s businesses and fell in love instantly. And it was perfect business chemistry ever after.


A Different Agenda

A Different Agenda is owned by Moin Khan, who is an adventuraholic. This business takes foreigners to motorcycle adventures in Pakistan, and presents a safe and peace-loving image of the country. Appsters saw immense opportunity & business potential to invest in the business and came on board as business partners.

We designed/developed an international-level website with booking system and payment features. The beautiful visuals and gorgeous sights of northern Pakistan makes the website particularly pleasing to the eye. We were also involved in the logo re-design process which was led by multiple other prominent designers.

We are the team behind A Different Agenda’s business strategy, website, social media, business calls & emails.


Masoom’s pioneered the premium bakery and coffee shop culture in Lahore, Pakistan. They were the hottest hangout place with 5 locations in Lahore. The challenge for Appsters can be summed up in one word: revival. When we met, their locations were down from 5 to 2.

Our investment came just at the right time for Masoom’s. We created an online bakeshop which gave Masoom’s access to entire Lahore. Orders started to pour in from every area of the city. Masoom’s survived COVID-19 when restaurant businesses were struggling world-wide, and are now growing from strength to strength.

We are the team behind Masoom’s internal restructuring, business strategy, website, social media, and cakes photography.


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